Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheap Green Cleaning Tips -- Natural Cleaning Product Reviews

Cheap Green Cleaning Tips -- Natural Cleaning Product Reviews

Cheap and Green
Recycle ANY plastic bottles from the natural cleaners that you buy. Use until the spray valves don't work. Then toss into your recycle bin. Note: DON'T reuse ANY container from toxic cleaners! They can react to other substances (such as vinegar) even when rinsed out.

Buy Cheap spray bottles (Walmart has ones for under a $1.00). Use these with diluted liquid soap like Dr. Bronner's for dishwashing. (1-2 sprays/dish or pot) For kitchen clean up keep a spray bottle of diluted vinegar (1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water) next to the sink.

**I have a spray bottle of liquid soap and one with diluted vinegar at my kitchen sink.

Cut up towels for wash rags. Dollar stores and discount stores have bath towels for under $2.00 The thinner the better. Cut up into wash cloth size and hem all four edges. Recycle one of your old towels.

(Use only bamboo or hemp fiber cloth? Invest in one and divide it up and hem.)

Wash with sponges? Cut all your sponges in half and use a smaller size. Disinfect regularly (see this post scroll to Homemaking Tips) Scotch-Brite has a very good, very cheap green sponge at Walmart and other retailers.

Reuse plastic containers (I try to not buy plastic stuff at all) but they keep "showing up"! Keep baking soda or sugar or borax in recycled Parmesan cheese containers under the sink for scrubbing power. Great for in the bathroom too.

Buy plastic containers from a Salvation Army or Goodwill or yard sales. Antique Tupperware still works great!! And the lime greens and oranges are finally back "in"! LOL
(We keep our organic popping corn in an Ancient Tupperware container with a pop pour lid.)

Recycle any all-natural soap pieces into a scrubby bag or muslin bag and use by the kitchen sink. You will be amazed how long these will last. Plus this can be great for washing babies and toddlers.

Keep natural cleaning supplies in tub/shower (you can do this with all-natural cleaners because they're NON-TOXIC!! Of course, monitor young children around them) With natural cleaning products on hand, you can clean up just before you shower and use the hot water from your shower to rinse it all away.

**Green Cleaning makes cleaning fun for me! I love the aromas of essential oils and non-toxic cleaners. Citrus and pine and lavender, in particular.

Enjoy Green Cleaning! --GreenKeen aka Pamela Palmer

I will be launching a new green cleaning magazine soon!!! I'll let you know soon....

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